You have a lot of different options when it comes to hosting your WordPress website. Ideally, you want something that not only keeps your site completely secure, but will help your web pages load extremely fast. In that regard, one of your best options is Managed WordPress hosting by Flywheel. Here are some of the main benefits of Managed WordPress hosting.

What is Managed WordPress hosting?

In this case, Managed refers to all the technical aspects of running a WordPress website that are taken care of for you. WordPress websites have a lot of moving parts that require regular attention. Specifically, if you don’t manage the WordPress software updates, database software updates, and plugin updates, your site is at high risk of being hacked, broken, or worse. Additionally, great measures are taken to secure your site’s content and keep your it running with a 99.9% uptime. One of the best parts about Managed WordPress hosting is the world-class customer service and premium support you receive. If you find technical dashboards are confusing along with managing all the bits and bops of hosting give you anxiety, then Managed WordPress hosting might be the perfect solution for you.

WordPress security done right

Security is priority one when it comes to Managed WordPress hosting and is designed to protect your web site at the server level. The host will stay on top of the latest security vulnerabilities and reduce the possibility that your site will be compromised. This also means there is no need for extra security plugins that end up slowing your site speed down.

Your site gets its own dedicated resources instead of shared hosting

Your site is placed on a dedicated virtual private server (VPS), whereas shared hosting is just that: a shared server, tied to a bunch of other sites that could be dealing with malware, performance issues, and more. Having a VPS allows for resources such as RAM and CPU to be dedicated to your account and splits the resources amongst the users on that server. Additionally, you don’t share any operating system software with other users, keeping your site files more secure. The overall benefit is greater stability and performance of your website.

Blazing fast site speed

Your site will experience blazing fast speeds with zero configuration on your part. FlyCache is Flywheel’s proprietary caching engine, specifically designed to make WordPress sites fly. It’s especially powerful because it works side-by-side with their CDN to serve up cached content from global points of presence (POP). When your users hit your site, they receive those files from the server that is geographically closest to them, which decreases load time, improves performance, and ensures all users have the same high-quality digital experience no matter where they’re located!

World-class customer service and premium support

Get immediate help and answers to your questions from WordPress experts! For instance, Flywheel crafted an exclusive support experience that’s easy for you to access any time of the day or night. You can chat with a helpful human, follow along with in-depth documentation, and find all the answers you need in one place! Their team of technical WordPress experts aren’t just there to clear out a queue, they’re there to support you.

We love Flywheel’s Managed WordPress hosting service and feel the price you pay for Managed hosting is 100% worth it compared to bottom-of-the-barrel shared hosting solutions! All of this means you can stop worrying about the servers and the hosting and the hackers and your site performance and instead, spend that time running your business.