Website design trends change as internet users chance, and it can feel overwhelming to try to keep up.

In 2023, we’re seeing the cold simplicity of minimalist designs give way to digital maximalism. To be effective, your website doesn’t need to embrace technological features, but instead use bold creative choices, graphic style mashups that transcend eras and genres, and renewed interest in playfulness and boundary-pushing.

In this guide, we’ll cover the most important web design trends to watch and incorporate into your website in 2023.

Interactive Design

Usability reigns eternal in website design, but technological advances and shifts in user interest lead the charge in 2023 with a new lineup of features for an interactive user experience.

The return of tooltips, rollover functions, and the next-gen Parallax zoom scrolling features explore the dimensional possibilities websites. These user-centered features let you build layers of information, functionality, and entertainment that enhance the user experience.

Micro animations continue the usability movement with small, isolated effects that can guide users through navigation, enhance visual feedback and 3D readability, or display elements for helpful and pleasing exploration.

White Space Turned Loud

Simple text-forward outlines that translate well on small-screened mobile devices persist with a twist. Dynamic topography combines clever wording with intense contrasts in font size and orientations that give a feeling of immediacy and depth.

Use curved lines, blocky typefaces, geometric layouts, and heavy contrast.

Play with Colors

Bright colors and patterns follow the “dopamine color” trend throughout 2023 fashion, creating happiness through vivid color. You can use color to inspire confidence and positive emotions in your audience by creating a bright but distinct color palette.

If bold color clashing doesn’t suit you, try the trendy pastel gradient design, featuring pastels that flow and blend up and down the scale of color, hue, and shade.

Throwback to the Early Internet

Nostalgia is one of the website design trends that’s increasing in popularity. These design elements cycle back to the new “retro,” calling back to the Y2K designs of the ’90s and early 2000s.

Consider retro typefaces, pixelated fonts and game-like images, gradient topography, 3D effects, or eye-catching unique cursors.

Art in 3D

Skeuomorphism is coming back into style! What does this long, complicated word mean?

Skeuomorphism simply means designing buttons and elements to look like their real-world counterpart. For example, instead of a flat, 2D email button, use a soft, shaded button that looks like a real envelope.

This website trend brings an artistic approach to 3D animation that produces soft, appealing, cartoonish images, buttons, and animations—perfect for mascots, icons, and micro animations.

Final Thoughts

As you look to integrate popular website design trends, proceed with caution and an eye for longevity. Choose design elements and incorporate them thoughtfully to modernize your website tastefully. A heavy-handed approach to a theme can shift the look corny or “cringe.”

Trends grow and pivot with societal interest, so keep an eye out for these changing top website designs in 2023.

If you’re ready to modernize your small business website with these website design trends, contact Randy Speckman Design and work one-on-one with an experienced web designer!