Impactful product photography is integral to your e-commerce design.

So you’ve designed a solid product for a competitive price. How do you accurately represent that product in digital spheres? Most customers can’t view or try goods before they purchase, which makes driving sales challenging.

High-quality product photography offers an excellent avenue to demonstrate your product’s worth to your customers. Explore what to consider when shooting a product.

Consider Each Platform’s Photo Specs

Each e-commerce website design allows differing image specifications. Whether you’re posting your product to Amazon or Etsy, learn the specs that perform best on your chosen platform. Some specs you should consider include:

  • Image size
  • Image quality and resolution
  • Background allowances
  • Format
  • How much space the product should take up
  • Whether the platform allows elements like borders or watermarks

Knowing this information beforehand will inform your photography process. You can avoid hours of hard work only for the platform to reject your photo.

Plan Your Photoshoot Ahead

Look at your competitors’ e-commerce websites to learn what works for them. Check out the engagement a similar product category earns from purchasers. Pages with more positive engagement and confirmed purchases offer an excellent template.

Then, inform your approach using this information. If your competition or a similar brand uses a solid, white background with minimal visual features, create a similar backdrop. You should also plan the types of photos you want to take, such as:

  • Close-ups
  • Individual shots
  • Group shots
  • Lifestyle shots
  • Detail shots

Experiment with Included Elements

Photography elements commonly used in e-commerce design include the following:

  • Lighting: Do you have enough natural lighting, or will you need to add artificial lighting?
  • Consistency: How will you demonstrate your brand within each product photo?
  • Composition: How will you arrange the photo subject and other objects?
  • Context: Will the backdrop involve a real-world setting, like a lifestyle shot?
  • Background: Most backgrounds should be a solid color that complements the product. Avoid bright colors that detract from your product.
  • Angle: Explore which angles best capture your products.
  • Focus: Keep your camera stable to ensure clear focus.

Explore different methods to apply these elements. Take multiple versions of each photo for a wider selection pool.

Edit and Post Your Photos

After choosing the best product photos, enhance each shot with photo editing software. Each photo should demonstrate consistent quality, resolution, and branding. Check the size specifications to ensure your photos fit your chosen platform.

Consistency is key when adding the final touches to any set of products. Remove unwanted items from the background. Brighten and adjust the colors when needed. Then, publish your photos with an optimized product description.

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