Here’s what you can expect.

Project Management

We’ll manage our project together using Dropbox.

I’ll create a shared folder for us and outline our entire project, assign tasks and set deadlines to keep us on track.

Project Planner

We’ll follow a simple process from start to finish.

I’ll work with you every step of the way.

Step 1:
Request your custom proposal

Fill out a project inquiry form and schedule a call to request your custom proposal to get started.

Step 2:
Let’s get started

Once we receive payment for your website, we’ll start the project process.

Step 3:
Submit Your Content

Use the shared Dropbox folder to upload your logo, photos, text, and any other assets we need to complete your project.

Step 4:
We Design Your New Website

We create a brilliant website design suited for your business and your target audience. Prepare to fall in love!

Step 5:
Design feedback

I’ll send you a link to review a live example of your new Home Page and Internal Page designs. Based on your feedback, I’ll make any changes you desire to the design of your new website.

Step 6:
Content migration

After you approve the new design, I’ll develop the site’s WordPress framework. Then, with extreme care and a meticulous nature, we add your content to your new web pages.

Step 7:
Test & Review

I’ll test and review every page, button, call-to-action and form on your new website to ensure there are no problems.

Step 8:
Launch Your New Website

Once everything is in place, I’ll turn your new website live and deliver all of your branding files.

Now you can finally scratch “New Website” off your to-do list. Congrats!